Honorable Course Of Action

Ever since I started reading the Non-Adventures of Wonderella back in 2010 it’s been a goal of mine to have Wonderella as a guest on Woody’s show. I’m really happy this day is finally here.

I went to the Ohio State Fair yesterday. It was fun, interesting and chaotic all at the same time. Here were my highlights:

This masterpiece won second place in the “Ugliest decorated cake” competition. I think the chef was robbed.


This is a life-sized cow and calf made of butter. They were sculpted from approximately 2,000 pounds of butter. It took 543 hours.


This seal was pretty cool. People could get their picture taken with him. When the photographer told everyone to smile, the seal grinned. It was adorable. He was then rewarded with a treat after each photo. A lot of people were lined up.


Also, you’ll be happy to know I didn’t come close to eating the array of fried foods that I consumed a few years ago at the North Carolina State Fair.

– Ben