Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Paid Someone To Draw You As A Pony

For those of you who don’t watch JKL, let’s start with how I came up with the title for today’s strip.

Jimmy does this bit called the “Hey Jimmy Kimmel Youtube Challenge” where Jimmy tells his audience to prank their family and friends, record it and post it on Youtube. The best clips are then shown on his show. Examples include “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy“, “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present“, and “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Unplugged the TV During the Big Game.”

Ok, now on to the punch line. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wikipedia page summarizes it best:

Frequently at the end of the show, Kimmel thanks the guests as usual, but then adds, “Our apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.” Kimmel told TMZ.com that he says this “for no good reason at all,” continuing, “A star like Matt Damon would never be scheduled to appear near the end of the show where he can be bumped.

Here’s a hilarious clip from 2006 where Jimmy finally does have Matt on the show:

So, that’s where today’s joke comes from. You have been edumacated.

But don’t feel bad for Matt. He got back at Jimmy with the help of Sarah Silverman, Jimmy’s long-time girlfriend, in one of the funniest music videos of all time:

But don’t feel bad for Jimmy. He got back at Sarah and Matt in one of the other funniest music videos of all time:

You have been edumacated further. Have a great weekend.

– Ben