He Screams The Name Of The Show When Frightened

Hank is the star of George Ford’s hilarious comic Addanac City. He’s famously known to be a bit of a troublemaker (Hank, not George, George is pretty cool) and I suspect he won’t go any easier on Woody.

AC Header for web

Addanac City is 100% pure fun that is updated seven days a week. Seven. That’s practically unheard of in the webcomic world. Yet somehow George is able to crank them out while maintaining a consistently high level of wit. Paul and I are very grateful to George for allowing us to have Hank on WAH.

Heh. “Hank on WAH.” Sounds like a sandwich you’d order at a deli.

Speaking of deli sandwiches, the WCRCAs voting has begun over at Webcomic Planet. Woody After Hours has been nominated in the Art, Writing and New Comic categories. Addanac City has been nominated in the Art, Writing, Author Congeniality, Antagonist and Supporting Character categories. Please take a few minutes and vote for your favorite comic.

– Ben