Have You Driven A Car With A Book Mounted On Top Lately?

Greetings from Michigan. I drove here from Ohio. It was a six hour trip. It rained the entire time. The entire @#$%^^&*! time. And I’m not talking about a simple rain. I’m talking about a completely unnecessary world-ending kinda rain where you can’t see the road and the wind is blowing you into oncoming traffic.

And, seriously folks, we’ve got over 20 years of 18-wheeler technology and you’re telling me that we can’t solve the problem of tire spray? My windshield is already covered in mother nature, I don’t need tire water on top of it. Come on.

And finally, for those of you who work for the DOT, if you’re going to build an on- or off-ramp, for the love of the universe please put a really bright light over it so we can see it at night. It doesn’t make any sense to let darkness camouflage it.

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– Ben