Give It Up One More Time For All Our Wonderful Guests

I thought it would be nice to gather up all of our guests over the last year and thank them one more time for being on WAH. It has been an honor and a real pleasure for Paul and me to work with so many talented artists. We couldn’t have made this strip what it is without their stupendous help.

That being said, Sandy Debreuil from the wonderful comic Crowbar Benson was my favorite artist overall. Why? Well, while all the other guys stopped taking my calls after their characters were off the show, Sandy sent me this uniquely original, one of a kind, exclusive, distinctively rare hand-drawn illustration:

If you’ve missed any of our guests you can head over to our Guests page and learn about them, see when they came on WAH and visit their sites where they are the stars.

Have a great weekend.

– Ben