Getting The Memeo

This is the last comic with “meme” in the title. I promise.

Paul has returned. This means the art is good again. The writing part still needs work, naturally, but at least you can look at the strip without wondering if you left the oven on. You didn’t, but you did leave the light on in that one room you haven’t been back to for over an hour. That’s just wasteful dude.

Since only twenty people read this comic (on a good day) I wasn’t surprised that 100% of the feedback I received on the meme-themed story arc was “I didn’t get it.” I could look at this as another “need to understand the audience before embarking on stuff” lesson. Or I could relax knowing that I am now officially one of those “misunderstood now but considered brilliant in 200 years” kinda artist.

I’m still deciding.

– Ben