Furry Fandom

It’s nothing short of a miracle that today’s strip stands before you. Most of the people who played a role in making it are either deathly ill or significantly broken. I wish this was a joke, but it’s not. I won’t go into specifics, so I’ll just do a collective “I hope everyone feels better soon” to the wonderful team of artists who helped create today’s comic.

The United States of Thanksgiving is once again upon us. I’ll start the festivities off by once again thanking these terrific people for collaborating with us and allowing our characters to share the same space as theirs:

ZF_Med_Rec d20_logo_new Logo_I_Am_Arg

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family, overeat and then sit in front of a computer and check out these terrific comics. If you’re not celebrating this holiday you can still participate. No one will mind, look at you weird or think badly of you.

– Ben