Full Tummy Confessions


This is Lar deSouza. He is, among many wonderful things, the artist of Least I Could Do and Looking for Group. We’ve secretly replaced Lar’s regular reading material with a copy of Woody After Hours Volume 1. Let’s see if he notices…


Lar: I totally noticed that you replaced my regular reading material with a copy of your book. Wadda ya think I’m stupid or something?

I’m Canadian. I’m super nice and super not stupid.


Lar: But, since it’s in my hand, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to…oh my goodness…this art is soooo good.

As you can tell by my face, it is nothing less than shocking how it draws you right in.

And I know drawing cause I’m a drawer.


Lar: Wow! Look at what Woody is doing? That’s incredible…and a little bit naughty.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I stood in this very spot, wore this very hat and was interested in this very character.


Lar: Ha ha ha ha ha..I am literally laughing out loud at this. It’s entirely plausible that this is one of the funniest things I have ever read.

The writer of this book is a genius. And it’s probably safe to say that he is dashingly handsome too.


Lar: But, seriously, give me my regular reading material back and get that @#$%%^& camera out of my face before Canada declares war on your pathetic little country.

Jerks like you make me sick.

I wasn’t there, but I’m pretty sure that’s a word-for-word retelling from someone who may have been there before it happened.

In all honesty, Paul and I were very happy to give Lar the book as a thank you for providing us with a quote for the back-cover.

Thanks for hanging out with us again. We appreciate it and hope you had fun. Have a great weekend.

– Ben