Forced Feedback

My wife returned safely from China over the weekend. But more importantly, let’s talk about my pending lawsuit against Conan that I’m thinking about possibly doing someday.

Team Coco has started a new stand-up series on his website called Conan After-Hours. Thief! It’s pretty obvious, to me at least, that the internet isn’t big enough for two late-night talk show hosts to be doing stuff with the “After Hours” in the title. Since Paul and I were doing it first, it stands to reason that Conan should change the name of his series to something else immediately. If not then he better be prepared to fork over some serious moolay for all the emotional damage he’s caused. Trust me, I can get pretty emotional when I want to.

By the way, check out this blog post to see that this isn’t the first time I’ve considered suing Conan for stealing my stuff.

– Ben