Food Fight

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all artists whose characters are guests on Woody After Hours are endowed by their creativity with certain unalienable rights, that among these are collaboration, copyright and the pursuit of Ben to interview them in his blog. Here’s part one of my interview with Sean, the artist of Underwhelmed:

Sean lives in North Carolina. I asked him if he preferred to be interviewed over the phone or by email. “I don’t mind driving over to Raleigh and hanging out. We’ll make a weekend of it.” he replied. I tried to explain to him that, while Woody After Hours still resides in Raleigh, I did not. Sean, however, had already booked a fabulously expensive and non-refundable spa weekend for us, so who was I to squash his dreams. Since Sean and I had never met in person, I paid a guy who lives in Raleigh fifty bucks to pretend to me. They had a great time, and I got the interview.

Ben: What was going on in your life professionally and personally when you initially decided that you wanted to create and publish a comic on the web?

Sean: The main reason I started the comic was I wanted to push myself and try to “see if I could”  I also wanted to learn all the stuff that came with it, how to write, coding, and up my drawing ability. I was hoping that it would help me become more confident in myself and my abilities. And learn some things on the way.

Ben: What cultural influences helped you to construct your theme and characters?

Sean: I would say one of my biggest culturally influences is cartoons. I grew up watching all kinds of cartoons. Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Jonny Quest, Hanna Barbera, Tiny Toons, Freakazoid, Dexter’s Lab, Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy … I could go on for hours.

Part two of my interview with Sean on Wednesday.

– Ben