Floor Plan

In 2012 my wife had a goal. She shared it with me and asked for my help. Having already completed the goal in my younger days, I informed her that, while very admirable, it would be, at best, difficult to accomplish now that we were so much older. I explained that it would require hours upon hours of dedication and resolve on her part (as well as mine), and that once she started, I wouldn’t let her finish until it was done. I questioned her motives and doubted her resolve, but she told me that she knew the risks and felt confident that she had the courage and stamina to do it.

We broke the goal into 79 individual tasks, mapped the path we would take and began the journey together. Some tasks were great adventures, while others were no better than complete misery. I won’t lie to you; our progress was slow, due, as I had warned her, to our age. There were times of great progress, but there were also long breaks to regain our strength. On more than one occasion a late night resulted in her falling asleep mid-task. Those were the roughest, as I would make her start the task over from scratch. She didn’t like that, but my job was there to help her over the mountain, not find a way around it. Plus, life’s a bitch.

After each task we would discuss what my wife had learned and I would answer her questions. I often worried, however, that I would not be the adequate guide she needed me to be. It had been so long ago, and it was obvious that I had forgotten much. What if I accidentally led her astray? What if a wrong answer resulting in an irrevocable misunderstanding of the universe? Luckily, with today’s technological advances, I wasn’t alone, and where I could not remember, the internet helped inform us both.

Last night, after months and months of hard work, my wife accomplished her goal. The road was long, rough and, at times, treacherous, but she was a trooper through it all. With a tear of pride in my eye as I type this, I can now report that my wife has seen every episode of the original Star Trek television show.

Have a great weekend everyone.

– Ben