Fleeing The Scene Of The Crash

I’ve been back from Hawaii for a week now. I’m caught up on most things, but my sleep schedule still seems to be stuck in their tropical time zone. This makes for some difficult mornings, and some restless nights. Why am I mentioning this? Dunno. Just thought you might like to know. You don’t care? Yeah, I don’t really either now that I think about it.

Anyone see Inception? Great movie. Not sure I fully understand it, but I really enjoyed it. Be careful who you see it with, however. If you discuss the film afterward, which is reasonably inevitable, and interpretations differ, which is also reasonably inevitable, the conversation has a good chance of resulting in a disagreement. The kind where people get slightly annoyed with each other and the only thing that can bring them back together is food. This may have happened to me. Just thought you might like to know. What? You don’t care about this either. Man, tough crowd today. I’m going back to bed.

– Ben