First World Problems

Happy Veteran’s Day.

Woody is a big fan of So much so he created a Woody meme after a long and productive memefueled dream. As today’s comic shows, it’s starting to take over the internet.

So what in the heck are all the memes that Woody and the NCSU student are using to have a conversation? Below is an example of each meme. It won’t make the comic any funnier, but it allow you to waste an hour today that you would normally spend doing something productive:

Chuck Testa

Aaawww Yyyeeeaaa

Like a boss

They said I could be anything…

Seems legit

We have to go deeper

Challenge accepted

I don’t always…

Me gusta

Haters gonna hate

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

Not sure if…

You can’t explain that

Why not Zoidberg?

Close enough

First world problems

Have a great weekend.

– Ben