Fantasy Violence

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly announce that the very first Benjamin Burger has been created, documented, photographed and eaten.

Last night my father and his significant partner in crime Pam created what I hope to be the first fully realized Benjamin Burger prototype. Take a look:

Pam was kind enough to document the experience for me as well. Most of what she wrote is rated R for language and disparaging views of a certain European country, but I can share this very important section:

He took two cups of the carefully selected frozen hash browns, that he had growing in the freezer, and mixed them in a bowl with one egg (from a cage free, naturally fed chicken), one tablespoon of flour, one teaspoon full of salt and one quarter cup of grated onions (his favorite food).

Then he sprayed the snazzy Belgium waffle maker with oil and spread on the hash brown mix and cooked it at the highest heat for ten minutes. Always one for instant gratification, he was tempted to peek, but he knew that would be the breakup of the “nest,” and so focused on inhaling that hasty brown aroma, an aroma that gave him great joy and took him back to his youth.

Then the construction began as he placed the hash brown nest at the bottom and subsequently the burger (rare) tomato, red onion, lettuce and secret sauce, and the final capping of hash brown. Voila!  It was the most delicious Benjamin Burger he had ever tasted.

Doesn’t that sound and look absolutely delicious?!

Remember this moment, everyone, so that you can forever tell the story of how you were one of the original six or seven people who actually read the blog post and learned that the Benjamin Burger has been born!

Have a great weekend.