Family Focus

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.

Our TGT interview has made it into the semi-finals of TGT Tournament 3. We are now up against our fiercest enemy yet. That’s right; I’m talking about Alex Heberling’s Alex’s Guide to a Life Well-Lived.

Voting started on Sunday and we are losing. Actually, I think it’s more accurate to say that we are being crushed.

Do you know why we’re being crushed? Cause Alex is putting things like this in her blog posts:

I’ve made it into the third round of the TGT Tournament!!  This is awesome.  Thank you to everyone who has been voting the last two weeks.  Keep it up, everyone!  Woody After Hours, my opponent for round 3, is already putting up a hefty resistance to my awesomeness! ^_^

Can you believe that? She called us fat. Yes she did. She said “heavy resistance.” What a low blow. Sure, we’re not the thinnest people on the block, but do we deserve to be bullied in order to distract you, the voting public, from the real issue of who is really and truly more awesome? Who does that kinda thing? I’ll tell you who: the kinda of person who isn’t worthy to be in the semi-finals of this prestigious event. That’s who.

We are being crushed.

Well, Paul and I are above that kind of politicking. Alex can take $1.99 (cheap) shots at us. That’s fine. We are mature individuals. Our interview will win because we have righteousness on our side.

So, please, my righteous friends, vote for WAH. You can vote every hour. So vote now and vote later. Tell your friends to do the same. I’ve already voted 30 times, and it’s still not enough.


P.S. Did I mentioned that we’re getting our @#$%^& asses kicked?
P.P.S. Alex smells. True story.