Extreme Team Building

I love panel four. Paul did such a great job with it. The strip as a whole came out awesome, considering we had the following conversation less than twenty-four hours ago:

Paul: The strip you wrote isn’t working for me.

Ben: Dude, didn’t you hear what they said over at Digital Strips? I’m fan-fricken-tabulous. I’m hot stuff. I’m going people and meeting places. Don’t bother me with your petty problems.

Paul: I think its “going places and meeting people.” And one good review doesn’t mean we should expect to be snorting cocaine with hundred-dollar bills off the tattooed ankles of Pre-Law women at UCLA any time soon.

Ben: It doesn’t?

Paul: No.

Ben: Ok, then let’s rework the strip. I’m looking forward to the tattooed ankles someday.

Paul: Me too.

And speaking of conversations that may or may not have really happened, it’s time to check out the latest Late:

Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with us. Have a great weekend everyone.

– Ben