Every Dog Has Its Say

ZF_Med_RecYour eyes are not deceiving you, today’s strip has, in fact, gone to the dogs. And those dogs are the stars of the terrific webcomic Zorphbert & Fred. If you’re not familiar with Z&F here’s a succinct summary:

Zorphbert and Fred is a comic strip series by Dawn Griffin about two aliens who come to Earth disguised as dogs to study human life. A young couple adopts them, and they settle into typical suburban life as domesticated dogs. Toss in a bossy manager in a squirrel suit, the neighborhood “weird kid”, and an alien diva neighbor cat, and antics ensue.

Dawn was kind enough to share her characters with us for this arc and we greatly appreciate it. Check out her comic when you have a chance. It’s family friendly and perfect for animal lovers.

I had a great time at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum opening. I’ll post my little tidbits tomorrow. Right now I have to go brush my teeth for the first time in a month and a half because my wife is forcing me go to the dentist in the morning. This is what happens when you marry the daughter of a dental hygienist.

– Ben