Does This Comic Make My Ass Look Big?

When I pitched my idea of WAH to Paul back in 2009 the first thing he said was, “Oh, like The Larry Sanders Show.” I informed Paul that I had never seen TLSS. Paul was shocked, shocked, and instructed me to rent the DVDs and watch them as soon as possible.

Sometime in 2010 Paul and I were discussing my upcoming WAH story arc ideas. During the disagreement phase of our conversation Paul asked me if I had had a chance to watch The Larry Sanders Show yet. I told him that I had not. Once again shocked, and now disappointed, Paul reminded me that I should rent the DVDs and watch them as soon as possible.

In 2011 I finally caved to peer pressure and signed up for Netflix, specifically the streaming option. Now, honestly, Netflix online does not have a lot to offer, but one thing it does have is the complete series of The Larry Sanders Show. I watched the first few episodes, then I watched a few more, then I watched all of them.

To summarize: I really enjoyed The Larry Sanders Show. There are a lot of reasons why, but I’m not going to bore you with them all. I will, however, bore you with my top three:

First, the writing is smart, edgy, funny and deep. Even over ten years later I think it holds up nicely. How good is the writing? It’s what the people behind 30 Rock want to write, but aren’t allowed to because of FCC regulations.

Second, Garry Shandling (Larry Sanders), Rip Torn (Artie) and Jeffrey Tambor (Hank Kingsley) are simply amazing to watch. I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely terrific these three actors are as their characters. Pick any moment in any episode and you are likely to see one or more of these guys doing some talented stuff (and swearing).

Third, the guests are an absolute delight. My favorite example is when Gene Siskel and John Ritter got into an argument, and then a physical altercation, while waiting for their segments on the show. It was really funny, and it was really nice to see two people who left us way too soon.

So, to make a short story long, today’s comic is our tribute to an awesome show. If you get a chance, I recommend checking it out.

Thanks for stopping by this week. Have a great weekend.

– Ben