Desirable Souvenir

It may not be a good idea to spend too much time wondering what Joseph might do with that Wonderella display.

Congratulations to Conan O’Brien. Today marks the 20th anniversary of his debut on Late Night.

Looking for something to do? How about reading My Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson Experience blog post? It is now available for your pleasure at prices you can afford.

Don’t have enough time for that? Maybe you’d prefer this short and sweet article by stand-up comedian Cameron Esposito on her experience doing her set on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on the night that Jay Leno was the guest.

Oh, it’s reading in general that you’re not fond of? Ok then, how about watching Joking Bad, the Late Night spoof of Breaking Bad. It’s pretty funny if you’re caught up on the show. If you haven’t caught up yet, but plan to eventually, then I don’t recommend watching it:

Have a great weekend.

– Ben