Critical Situations Near And Far

The one thing you should definitely know about me is that I have a lot in common with the show Breaking Bad. No, I don’t understand the first thing about chemistry or how to turn my illegal schemes into millions of dollars, but I did drive through Albuquerque and stay overnight in a hotel once.

Ok, maybe a few other people can say the same thing. But can those people also say that they’re married to someone who went to the same high school at the same time as Betsy Brandt. Huh? Huh? No, they can’t. Cause those odds would be astronomical, and I  can’t count that high.

My wife, as it turns out, was a senior the same year Betsy was a freshman. We, rather I, because she doesn’t really care, dug up her yearbook and discovered that Betsy did more in her first year of high school than I did in all four years at mine. It’s no wonder she’s a famous actress on an Emmy award-winning show and I’m, for lack of a better word, not.

“But Ben,” you’re thinking, “how do we know you’re not just making all this up so that you can improperly inflate your self-worth?” Answer: I’ve got pictures!




The last picture is of the Freshman Student Council. Betsy was the Secretary. I love this quote that accompanies the picture: “The freshmen also once again organized and put on the Valentine’s Dance, in which they did a good job.” I’m glad she found better writers to work with as she grew older.

Thanks for hanging out with us for another week. Paul and I hope we were able to entertain you. Have a great weekend.

– Ben