Complete Garbage

I’m sorry to report that it’s time to say good-bye to the gang from Urban Jungle. It was really terrific having them in our comic over the past couple of months. We will miss them all, even the raccoons.

I guess we should also say good-bye to the Evil Robot Genius as well. I’m not as confident that we’ll miss him though, he was just too evil. Handsome and charismatic, but evil.

Paul and I would like to express our solid appreciation to David Wilborn for collaborating with us on a record-breaking twelve WAH strips. Despite having two comics of his own, a full-time job, illness and a pregnant wife David did a spectacular job committing to the project. He was very easy to work with, never said “no” when I suggested “just one more strip” five times and never let us down. Those are characteristics of a great guy. If he didn’t live so far away I would give him a hug.

Please make sure to carve out some time three days a week to read Urban Jungle and Evil Robot Genius. I predict you’ll be happy that you did.

– Ben