Communal Relationship

If I ever owned a building that contained a public restroom none of the toilets would have seats. Instead, anyone who wanted to spend time in a bathroom stall would be required to sign out a seat using a refundable deposit (pun unintentional).

The seat would securely snap into place on the toilet you are planning to use, allowing you to comfortably do your business without fear of the seat slipping off. Then, after you’re finished, simply detach your seat using the handles on the side and place it on the conveyer belt. Once the seat is scanned in you will receive your deposit back.

The seat would then be cleaned and disinfected much like a car going through a car wash. It would come out the other end and be made available for the next person. This way, your seat is always fresh for your sensitive little bottom to sit on.

There would be scented seats, seats that include wifi, and extra-cushiony seats for a small, non-refundable fee.

Advertising space for your company and/or product would be made available on each seat as well. I’m looking at you, personal injury lawyers and movie producers.

– Ben