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We’ve been invaded.

I’m not just talking about in today’s strip. I’m not just talking about all the extra terrestrials walking among us (you know who you are). I’m talking about in my very own home.

On a typical day my house contains three beings: me, my wife and my cat. This week, however, my home also contains a father-in-law, a sister-in-law and four nieces and nephews, all of which are under 14 years of age. No, I didn’t misspell “one,” it’s really four.

That, my friends, is known as an invasion.

Having been forewarned of this event, I did what any desperate person would do and sought advice from Ed, the wise and astute sage who writes the weekly advice column Devil’s Edvocate. He was kind enough to answer my letter in Sunday’s column. His advice was intelligent, professional, and most importantly, timely.

Regardless, I’m researching hotels, in Montana, just in case Ed’s advice doesn’t pan out.

– Ben