Come Back And Wipe That Off You Little Punk

We’re wrapping up Hank’s guest appearance here on WAH. Paul and I would like to extend a huge thanks to George for working with us these past few weeks. George has a lot on his plate, including updating Addanac City seven days a week, yet he still found the time to write the strips and draw Hank in many unique and funny poses. We really appreciate you George!

Speaking of the man who does more in a day than I do in a month, here’s the final part of my interview with the one, the only, George Ford.

WAH: What area of your webcomic do you think needs to be improved upon?

GF: I would like to improve upon my site design. When I first began, I didn’t know absolutely anything about CSS or web design. I didn’t know my <a href from a hole in the ground. I’ve learned slowly and, although I think that AC looks a lot better than it did when I started, it could use some drastic improvement. But that’s the thing when it comes to designing: You develop as you go. Hopefully, over time, you get better. I aim to make AC more visually-pleasing and more user-friendly for my visitors.

As far as the webcomic itself, I want to work more on my characterization and storytelling. ADDANAC CITY began as a gag-a-day comic where each strip was basically self-contained. Lately, I’ve been developing some interesting stories so that my readers get an opportunity to see how the various characters will react according to their individual personalities to a certain situation.

I didn’t get to do that when the series initially relied upon daily gags. It’s difficult to learn about someone when their very existence is to play “straight-man” until Hank spouts a punchline in the fourth panel. Now, with the double, triple, and quadruple-sized comics, I get to play around more with the story. I still think there’s a lot of humor in those comics, but it’s not crammed in and makes the viewer feel like they’re being set up. The pacing is a lot more relaxing, albeit the crafting is more taxing for a super-sized strip. 🙂

I also want to work on my art. I’ve been incorporating things into AC that, in my opinion, aren’t immediately easy for me to draw or imagine. I hate drawing buildings, backgrounds, trees, and vehicles, so I decided to put Hank in a Humvee and do a story that involved Hank and his friends being outside in a graveyard. You may not know it, but there’s a lotta trees outside. 🙂 I had fun drawing these items, and it made me a better artist overall. I intend to keep stretching my capabilities in the future.

WAH: What are you doing when you’re not working on your webcomic?

GF: Sleeping? 😀

Just kidding (sorta). Hmm….when I’m not working on Addanac City, I’m usually working on various custom art jobs for people around the country. I’ve done some illustrations for an upcoming nursing textbook and a children’s book. I’ve worked on some visuals for a fashion designer. I design playbills and promotional merchandise for varying theatre companies. I’m currently creating some neat graphics for ceramic pottery. I have a line of Christmas ornaments about to hit soon. I tend to stay pretty busy as a freelance graphic artist. I don’t know where I find the time to do AC, but it’s there. 😀

I’m also a member of The Stage Left Performers. We are a professional comedy troupe and our latest production is “American Icon: Who Killed Simon?”. The show is a spoof of you-know-what, and it’s a funny murder-mystery, whodunit. The audience has been lovin’ it and we’ve really enjoyed rehearsing and putting the show together.

In my spare-spare time (yeah, believe it or not, there’s 36 hours in MY day), I like to kick back and hang out with my wife and kids. We go to church, the movies, museums, the beach, and other fun places. Especially since I’m new to California, my family loves to take me places and see the Inland Empire through my eyes.

I  also cook a lot (cooking is artistic, too, in my opinion) and I love to watch good movies on DVD. I’m also an avid reader who pores through about 3 or 4 four-hundred page novels a week. I’m like a lethargic hummingbird. I appear lazy, but I’m always doing something. I just make it look easy. 😀

Have a great weekend everyone.

– Ben