Catching Fire

Here’s some interesting late-night talk show numbers news: According to Stephen Winzenburg, a communications professor at Grand View University, Jimmy Fallon spends the least amount of time actually talking with his show’s guests. From the Hollywood Reporter article:

With 37 percent of his show dedicated to talk, Fallon is way below his peers. Craig Ferguson is next lowest at 43 percent; Jimmy Kimmel is at 48 percent; Seth Meyers and David Letterman are each at 51 percent; and Conan O’Brien is at 53 percent.

While I’m not surprised that Fallon’s percentage is so low, and down significantly from the 51 percent of his predecessors Jay Leno and Johnny Carson, I am surprised that Ferguson’s number isn’t much higher. He doesn’t do as much comedy, and he doesn’t often have musical guests on, so I would have thought his percentage would have been a lot higher.

Winzenburg’s report concludes that, “Fallon has overhauled the format to the point that Tonight may no longer be able to be called a talk show.” Is he right? Lemme know your thoughts in the comments section.

– Ben