Called Out

Late yesterday I updated Wednesday’s blog post with links to interviews with late-night hosts on the NPR show Fresh Air. This would be the perfect weekend for you to give them a listen.

Last night the Late Show with David Letterman celebrated their twenty-year anniversary. That’s pretty frickin’ amazing. They put together a wonderful photo album of the show. It’s jam-packed yet barely scratches the surface of what they’ve accomplished:

Bill Murray was Letterman’s first guest last night, just like on the first Late Show twenty years ago. It was very entertaining. I had a link to the entire interview on YouTube, but the jerks at CBS didn’t like that, so they took it down. But, a few hours later I found a new one. So here’s the full interview:

Eventually CBS will take that video down, so here are the official highlights:

After Bill, Gladys Knight & Lenny Kravitz performed. It was really nice:

Have a great weekend everyone.

– Ben