Boxing Herself In

It took me forever to come up with a final monologue joke to conclude this segment. The jokes are based on true “offbeat” news stories that don’t contain references that can be considered outdated in a few years. So I spent the past few weeks desperately scouring different websites looking for inspiration.

There were plenty of stories to choose from, like the guy who got hit by a car and the police learned that his name was (legally) Lord Jesus Christ, or the couple in Japan that were married (legally) by a robot, or the rhino who escaped (illegally I’m guessing) from his pen at the zoo. I’m sure there are good jokes in those stories. I just couldn’t for the life of me find them.

It wasn’t until just yesterday morning that I came across the story for today’s strip. Sure, it wasn’t like I had just defused a bomb with only a few seconds left before all the gold in Fort Knox would have become radioactive, but it still felt great when I was able to pass it on to Paul.

– Ben