Battlefield Of The Mind

One fine morning a samurai came to a bridge. As he was about to cross he noticed his path blocked by another samurai on the other side also about to cross.

The samurai said, “The way, honored sir, is wide enough only for one. It is only fitting that the lesser man step aside to let the better one pass.”

“Agreed, my friend. If you would be so kind as to do so I shall be on my way,” the other samurai replied.

“It appears we have a difference of opinion…”

“…That only our blades can settle.”

And as one, with blinding speed, two gleaming katanas leapt from their lacquered scabbards.

For one minute the men stood poised, their eyes locked.

And then, they sheathed their steel, bowed, and went their separate ways, never to cross paths again.

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