Attention Diversion

After four months of rumors and speculations, CBS officially announced today that British comic actor James Corden will take over as host of The Late Late Show early next year. From The Hollywood Reporter article:

“James Corden is a rare entertainment force who combines irresistible charm, warmth and originality with a diverse range of creative instincts and performance talent,” said CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler. “He is the ultimate multi-hyphenate – a writer, creator and performer who is loved and respected in every medium he touches, including theater, comedy, music, film and television.”

A few hours later The Hollywood Reporter posted an interview with Nina Tassler about the decision to go with Corden. From that article:

We took a long time to make this decision, and we met and considered a number of diverse candidates. But at the end of the day, we were just blown away by him. Again, when you look at the number of hyphenates he has on his resume – as a creator, a singer, a dancer, a performer – that’s what we had to respond to.


On Monday night’s show Craig used the cold open to make the announcement too:

– Ben