Artistic License

My wife and I spent the weekend in Chicago. She had meetings and I had family. Productivity and fun times occurred. Most importantly, Chicago-style pizza was consumed.

I don’t take sides in many issues. During my years on this planet I’ve learned that neither side is “right.” Also, I’m not a huge fan of arguing. I think that time could be better spent looking at porn.

I do, however, take a strong stand on the issue of whether or not Chicago-style pizza is better or not better than New York-style pizza. I’ve done a lot of research in this area, as can be seen by my waistline, and I’ve listened carefully to the opinions of scholars and idiots alike.

My conclusion can be summarized in three very simple and clear points:

Point #1: Chicago-style pizza is right.
Point #2: New York-style pizza is wrong.
Point #3: Don’t argue with me, I’m looking at porn.

– Ben