Arrival Melody

I was introduced to the world of Mark Malkoff the other day. Who? He’s a comedian and filmmaker who’s accomplished some pretty neat feats, such as visiting and consuming purchases at all 171 Starbucks locations in Manhattan in less than 24 hour, living in an IKEA store for an entire week and watching 250 Netflix-streamed movies in a month.

While those, and his others, achievements are impressive, I learned about him through his latest project The Carson Podcast. From the website:

Host Mark Malkoff talks with guests about legendary talk show host Johnny Carson. Guests include stand-up comics who debuted on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, individuals that worked on the show, frequent guests, and top entertainers that were influenced by Carson.

He’s posted twenty-five interviews so far, with more to come. I’ve listened to half of them already and am really enjoying them. They’re very good, not only for the subject matter and the impressive list of guests he’s spoken with, but also for Mark’s incredible knowledge of people and events, which has allowed him to talk intelligently with people twice his age about things he wasn’t around to witness firsthand.

So, if you’re interested in Johnny Carson, and the history of The Tonight Show during his tenure, from some unique perspectives, then this is the podcast for you.

Thanks for hanging out with us for another week. Have a great weekend.

– Ben