Appetite For Destruction

Doyle, from the comic Underwhelmed, is Woody’s second guest and competitor in the Benjamin Burger eating contest. We hinted at the possibility of this match up back in this strip, and now it’s finally here. Who’s going to win? I’ll tell you who’s not going to win: my alma mater Michigan State University. That’s @#$%^&*! who.

Did you know that Sean McLean also draws the comic Loop? He does. Between his two strips you’ve got everything you need to blow off work and focus on the funny. You know who doesn’t draw two comics? That’s right: Michigan-let’s-turn-over-the-ball-AGAIN-State University.

Paul spent the weekend in Seattle, Washington at ECCC. You know who didn’t spend the weekend in Seattle, Washin – ok, I’ll stop. Here’s a shot of Paul and John from Zombie Roomie. Life moves really fast at cons, which is why the image is a little blurry:


And here are their sexy next door neighbors, Andrew and Lynn from I Am ARG!:


And finally, here’s a, for some reason I’m not clear on, really angry-looking Joel from Hijinks Ensue.


– Ben