Another False-Positive On The Gaydar

When today’s comic first went up I posted in this space that I didn’t really have anything funny, profound or the least bit interesting to say.

That was true for many hours. Then, without warning, I received an email from someone named MJ. MJ was kind enough to ask me two “quirky” and “totally random” questions in hopes that I would answer them here, and thus have something funny, profound or the least bit interesting to say.  Here, now, are MJ’s questions and my answers:

MJ: What is your shoe size?

Ben: Typically I am a 9 wide. Sometimes I find shoes that are comfortable at 8 and 1/2. Sometimes I have to go up to 9 and 1/2. But 9’s usually work pretty well.

MJ: Are your feet ticklish?

Ben: Yes, annoyingly so. Please don’t attempt to tickle them. It will annoy me.

So there you have it folks. Today’s interesting blog post was brought to you by the letters M and J.

– Ben