An Inconvenient Jerk

Here’s the second part of my interview with the dude that has more to do with Tales of a Checkered Man than either you or I: Denver Brubaker.

WAH: What is the main goal you’d like to achieve for yourself with your webcomic?

DB: Lots and lots of money would be nice! Seriously though, I don’t expect that to happen, though I’d like it to be a gateway into other comic/cartoon related work. Most of all I just want to have fun doing it. And that is being achieved each and every week. I look at the first strips from 2010 and the strips from today and I can see an evolution in my artwork and that feels good. I’m learning to write as well, which is something I’ve never considered myself to be good at. I can’t imagine doing this if I didn’t love the characters, have an artistic vision I hope to reach, and just love creating comics!

WAH: What is the main goal you’d like to achieve for your fans with your webcomic?

DB: I want my readers to have fun! The comics I love are pure escapism, and as I mentioned, I want to make a comic I would love to read. I hope that they will fall in love with the characters and feel the same way about them as folks do about Spider-Man or Snoopy.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting us. Have a great weekend.

– Ben