An Honest Error In Judgment

The first Woody After Hours show is complete! But that doesn’t mean that the day is over. What does it mean then? I have little to no idea.

Speaking of “day” and “idea”, since I’m going to be traveling next week I’m going to post new comics on Tuesday and Thursday as opposed to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Tuesday strip will be a double strip, so legally you’re still getting three 4-panel strips next week. I do nothing if not fulfill my court ordered obligations.

Speaking of “opposed”, “double” and “court”, I bet you’ve been reading the last few strips and asking yourself where you can get an awesome mug just like Woody. Well, the answer, I’m happy to say, is right here.

Speaking of “the”, “an” and “to”, I’ve decided to use the Microsoft Word-approved spelling of “judgment”. I originally thought it was “judgement”. I guess I could have gone either way.

Have a good weekend.

– Ben