A Sardonic Feast

Here is the second half of my interview with the only person I know of whose webcomic can be accessed through its Laos web address (wonderel.la): Justin Pierce.

WAH: What is the main goal you’d like to achieve for yourself with your webcomic?

JP: I’ve enjoyed making a heroine who’s memorable on her own merits. It’s kind of a reach to say Wonderella is a “moral” character, but she’s definitely her own person (as opposed to someone created in the shadow of a male lead character). I think comics could use more heroines like that.

WAH: What area of your webcomic do you think needs to be improved upon?

JP: I’d like to expand on Wonderella’s universe. There’s a lot of absurdity with the planet exploding on a regular basis, but regular readers know Wonderella has a consistent background and supporting cast, and I’d like to embellish both. Hard to do it with single-page comics, but the notion is out there.

WAH: What are you doing when you’re not working on your webcomic?

JP: I’m a graphic designer, so my day job is basically the same thing. Starting a comic after spending eight hours doing artwork on the computer can be a slog sometimes. But for a graphic designer, there’s something really worthwhile about creating a work that’s all yours, without the intervention of a client or a manager.

Thanks for hanging out with us for another week. Paul and I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend.

– Ben