A Chilling Situation

Isabel is talking to one Edmund Finney, the main character in the terrific webcomic Edmund Finney’s Quest to find the Meaning of Life. Paul and I have been working with Dan over the past few months to have Edmund as Woody’s first guest on tonight’s show. The guest strips, in which Edmund would actually be with Woody at the Sir Walter Raleigh Theater, were supposed to start this past Monday.

Ok, then, why is Edmund in Wednesday’s strip out in the middle of a snowy wasteland? Because folks, from time to time, I’m an idiot. In a mid-January email to Dan I told him that the guest strips would start on January 29th, so we would need his artwork for the first strip by then. Unfortunately, instead of “January” I typed “February.” So Dan thought he had another whole month. Needless to say, Sunday night arrived, but Dan’s artwork didn’t. Once my mistake was discovered Dan was kind enough to help us to with Plan B, which is today’s strip. Hopefully Edmund will find his way to Raleigh in the next few days.

Some of you may remember the announcement that was made in this strip. Well, I’m happy to report that last night the packages were successfully delivered. Congratulations Em and Dave!

– Ben