A Buttload Of Medical Assistance

I loved and lost this weekend folks. No, my wife didn’t go through with her plans to leave me yet. She’s still waiting for her boyfriend to be released from prison. Man, that’s going to be a fun day, lemme tell you.

I’m instead referring to the single greatest condo unit in the history of condo units currently available on the market. This past weekend we passed by a Masonic Temple that was built in 1914. It had been recently renovated into 25 condo units and was having an open house. The old red brick and stained glass windows looked kinda cool from the outside, so our curiosity got the best of us and we decided to pop in and check it out.

The building had a lot of updates, naturally, but it also had a lot of its original features; high ceilings, stained glass windows, exposed brick walls, and wood trim and floors. The combination of old and new was gorgeous. The place spewed charm and charisma from every angle. It was like a building made with the skin, bones and personalities of all your favorite movie and television stars.

We looked at five condos, and each one we walked through was better than the previous one. Then, without warning, we were introduced to the unit #201, or what I call the pinnacle of pinnacles.

#201 was the temple’s original front lobby area. It included the original entrance doors, the marble staircase leading up to the marble lobby, and huge stained glass windows in the kitchen and both bedrooms. Here are a few shots I shamelessly stole from their website:

Front entrance to building and unit #201:



Not pictured are the two original brick fireplaces, the huge loft area above the master bathroom that practically doubles the size of the master bedroom and my face as I tearfully admitted that I had a better chance of keeping my wife and her prison boyfriend apart then I did at eventually living in this magnificent place.

So, we left. My affair with unit #201 was brief and magical, but mostly brief. And now unit #201 is nothing more than a story of heartache for the six people who actually have the stamina to read this far in today’s post. Dammit, just lost another one. Better wrap this up.

Tune in next time when I pass by a Ferrari dealership.

– Ben