A Blenderific Idea

When Paul showed me today’s strip my mouth started to water.

On a completely unrelated topic, let me ask you a few questions:

Has your bank account been raided by shadowy forces in other countries?

Do your Facebook status updates belong to an unknown and malevolent force?

Are there charges listed on your credit card statement for things you didn’t purchase?

Does your computer send out mass Viagra-related email blasts without your approval?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and told yourself that you’re a good person?

If you answered “no” to each of these questions then this t-shirt is for you:

I'm Not Worth Enough To a Hacker t-shirt

In your own unique way, and for a ridiculously low price, you can show the world how special you really are. Pick one up today at our store, just in time for Mother’s Day.

– Ben