Conan Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes and bits from last night’s Conan:

Presidential candidate Rand Paul said Mitt Romney’s defeat proves that safe candidates cannot win, and that a candidate needs to take big chances. So, just about an hour ago, Rand Paul announced his running mate will be Suge Knight.

Somebody has launched balloons carrying thousands of copies of the film “The Interview” over North Korea. Yeah, North Koreans are now waiting for balloons carrying DVD players and electricity.

The NFL has hired its first full-time female referee. It should work out great, cause if there are two thing NFL players respect it’s authority and women.

The comedy segment bit was “Deon Cole: Non-Black Babies Keep Staring At Me.” I love Deon, but this bit was lame and we’re going to forget it ever happened.

Kristen Stewart was the first couch guests. She is in the new film Clouds of Sils Maria. The interview was fine. Kristen was congenial, reserved and shared some amusing tidbits. Conan tried very hard, with an abnormal amount of compliments and low-key humor, to bring Kristen out of her shell and have an engaging conversation. online slots It kinda worked sometimes, she did smile and giggle every once in a while, but it was an obvious struggle from the beginning of the segment until the very end. The main issue, of course, is that Kristen is just not a great late-night talk show guest. That’s not an insult, some people just aren’t. Kudos to Conan for giving it a shot. Here was my favorite part of the interview:

Tig Notaro and Jon Dore were the second couch guests. They co-star in the upcoming comedy special Knock, Knock It’s Tig Notaro. The interview was entertaining, but ninety-five percent of it was Tig and Jon performing comedy, one percent was the deep, soul searching talk you expect from a late-night talk show, and the other four percent was cheese. If you’re a fan of their brand of humor, or curious about what exactly that involves, then I think you’ll enjoy this interview. If you’re not into their shtick, or don’t have time to care, then feel free to skip it:

Brian Wilson was the musical guest. I’m not convinced he gave a performance. He was surrounded by so many people playing music and singing that I’m not sure he did anything but wonder where he was.

An ok show. I give it:


– Woody

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