Conan in Cuba

Conan in Cuba is a terrific hour of television. I’m not just saying that because of the ground-breaking nature of the episode, I’m saying it because of Conan O’Brien. This opportunity gave Conan a comedic freedom that has been seriously lacking since his days hosting Late Night. He was full of life in this special show, and that energy coupled with his talent for unscripted humor make Conan in Cuba a must-see. It’s kinda ironic, if you think about it, that he had to leave the United States and go to Cuba to find a freedom he hasn’t really had since moving to Los Angeles.

I highly encourage you to watch the whole show. It’s the first embedded link below. It’ll take you to because they don’t allow full episodes to play on other websites. If you don’t have the fifty minutes, then at least watch the segment in which Conan visits the Havana Club Rum Museum. For me, it’s the highlight of many highlights. It’s the third embedded link. If you can’t watch the show on in your region, then here are all the clips they’ve posted on YouTube. Enjoy!

– Woody

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