Tonight Show Highlights

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is in Los Angeles all week. On Monday they parodied a classic television show intro. On Tuesday Doc Severinsen sat in with The Roots. Do they have any more tricks up their sleeves? Let’s find out.

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s show:

The world’s oldest living land creature is believed to be a 183 year-old tortoise named Johnathon. Can you believe it; 183 years-old. But I gotta be honest with you: he’s pretty racist.

A pack of Cub Scouts in San Diego accidentally hiked a trail alongside the coastline that led them to nude beach. They actually had to set up camp there because they had already pitched their tents.

The comedy segment bit was “Jimmy Fallon Went to Bayside High with ‘Saved By The Bell’ Cast” I never watched Saved by the Bell, so there were some jokes I didn’t get, but overall I thought it was entertaining enough to recommend:

Vin Diesel was the first couch guest. He stars in the upcoming film Furious 7. Carl Reiner was the second couch guest. He’s a comedy legend, and the only guest to be on every incarnation of The Tonight Show. Kobe Bryant was the third couch guest. He is a guard for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. Why am I bundling all three interviews into one paragraph? Because they were all short enough that combining them creates one normal late-night talk show interview. Look, I can appreciate the show trying to get as many stars on as possible during their limited time across the country, but trying to showcase three people after a long comedy segment and then followed by a musical number is just too much. It doesn’t give any guest enough time to relax and connect with the audience. It’s just a story, followed by a promotion of a current project, followed by “see ya.” Here were my favorite clips from each interview:

Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson were the musical guests. They were backed up by The Roots. It was a nice performance. Jennifer and The Roots could do an entire show together and I’d be perfectly ok with that:

Fun show. I give it:


– Woody

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