Jimmy Kimmel Live! Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes and bits from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!:

I’m glad you’re safe inside this building, cause we had an incident here yesterday. Right across the street from us on Hollywood Boulevard some of our local costume characters were involved in a scuffle in front of the Chinese Theater. It’s an unfortunate incident, and the worst part is this all happened the night before the new Marshall’s on our block opened up. This should have been a time of great celebration for all of us.

If you haven’t settled on a Halloween costume yet you better get on it, you only have seven days left. They say all the Elsa and Iron Man costumes are gone, but they do still have a few Mr. Belvederes out there.

The comedy segment was “Dear Aunt Chippy.” It was unnecessary.

Keanu Reeves was the first couch guest. He is in the new movie John Wick. The interview was fine. It was readily apparent as soon as Keanu walked out on stage that he was uncomfortable being there. I dunno, maybe he’s shy or maybe he’s done so many interviews that he’s sick of them. Either way, he had a hard time sitting still and could be a tad manic at random moments. To Jimmy’s credit, he did a nice job making the interview interesting for his guest by asking Keanu unique questions. It worked well; Keanu warmed up enough that by the time it was all over he acted like he had actually enjoyed himself. Here’s my favorite part of the interview:

Mike Epps was the second couch guest. He’s on the show Survivor’s Remorse. The interview was very good. Mike was kind, enthusiastic and shared some amusing stories. Being a stand-up comedian, his demeanor was the exact opposite of Keanu’s. He came out smiling and ready to go for as long as JKL! would let him. The whole interview is worth watching, but isn’t available right now. Here’s about 60% of it:

Milky Chance was the musical guest. They were ok.

Decent show. I give it


– Woody

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