Tonight Show Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

Egypt’s foreign ministry called on the United States to respect the rights of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. Egypt said that. Talk about living in glass pyramids.

Ethan Zuckerman, the guy who created the internet pop-up ad, is finally apologizing twenty years after his invention was introduced. Unfortunately, still no word from the guy who invented Adobe Flash Player.

A new study found that it cost $245,000 to raise a child until they turn eighteen. Or, about $600 if you just give them an iPad.

Sea World just announced that it will soon double the size of its killer whale habitat. The whales say it’s almost as good as their previous tank: the ocean.

The comedy segment bits were “Audience Suggestion Box” and “Intense Staredown.” They put a lot of effort into “Intense Staredown,” but the writing wasn’t up to the task. There were, however, a couple of audience suggestions that were entertaining enough to recommend:

Jared Leto was the first couch guest. He is an actor and lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars. The interview was fine. Jared was warm, tranquil and unpretentious. The interview was a surface-level review of Jared’s last year, so if you’re a fan then you’re already caught up on that news and won’t learn anything new. And, if you’re not already caught up, then you probably won’t care enough to know it now. I did enjoy the last two minutes of the interview the most, as you don’t see stuff like that done on late-night talk shows very often:

Amy Brenneman was the second couch guest. She’s on the show The Leftovers. The interview was ok. Amy was perky, had a nice sense of humor and shared some amusing tidbits. My issue with their conversation wasn’t that most of it was consumed with promoting The Leftovers, but that after it was over I still couldn’t tell what the show was about. I can appreciate Jimmy and Amy keeping the segment light and upbeat, but if the goal was to make me interested in watching the show, then they should have delved deeper into the plot and characters. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Thirty Seconds to Mars was the musical guest. Their performance was good, but a bit melodramatic.

Decent show. I give it:


– Woody

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