Tonight Show Highlights

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is spending the week in Florida at Universal Orlando Resort. Late-night road trips always warrant checking out. Let’s see how their first show went.

I’m going to skip the lame cold open and head straight into my favorite monologue jokes:

I’m still getting used to the humidity here in Florida. It’s playing tricks on me. My hair is all sorts of messed up. When I got to work today people were like, “Hey, what’s up Questlove?”

A soccer stadium in Germany has invited World Cup fans to bring their sofas on to the field so they can be comfortable while watching the games up on the big screen. While the stadiums in Brazil invited fans to bring their sofas cause there still aren’t any chairs.

Alex Trebek has broken a world record for game show hosts after hosting 6,829 shows in his career. When asked how he’s made it through so many shows Trebek was like, “What is scotch?”

The comedy segment bits were “Brian Williams raps ‘Baby Got Back’” and “Jimmy & Higgins Go Wand Shopping.” Guess which one was entertaining and which one was the fourth thinly-veiled commercial for Universal Resort in the first ten minutes of the show:

Jennifer Lopez was the first couch guest. Her new album is A.K.A. The interview was fine. Jennifer was nice, energetic and shared some amusing tidbits. I’ve always associated Jennifer with being a huge diva, but thought she was decently open and personable with a dash of humor while talking with Jimmy. This was my favorite part of the interview:

Keenen Ivory Wayans was the second couch guest. He is a judge on the show Last Comic Standing. The interview was good, but too short. Keenen was friendly, laid-back and funny. It’s too bad that he had to spend so much of his time talking about Jennifer, but he was very kind about it. I really liked his Father’s Day thoughts and wish he could have just kept up that kind of humor the entire segment. Here’s the interview:

J Lo returned as the musical guest. She knows how to put on a performance like few others:

Decent show with bonus points given for being out of NYC. I give it:


– Woody

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