Late Night Highlights

Late Night with Seth Meyers debuted last night. Overall I felt it was a solid first effort for Seth and his team. Just like last week’s relaunching of The Tonight Show, I recommend watching the entire Late Night episode to get a feel for the show’s atmosphere and flow.

Here are my two cents on stuffs:

I love the set. I wish it wasn’t as brightly lit, but other than that I dig it.

I like the size of the band, and I especially like that the drummer is female. I think female drummers are awesome.

The crowd didn’t seem to get into Seth’s monologue, but I enjoyed it and laughed out loud a few times.

The two comedy segment bits, however, weren’t very good. I wish he had only done one and given more time to his guests.

I’m not a big Amy Poehler fan, but thought she did a nice job.

I’m not a big Joe Biden fan either, but thought he did a fine job too.

I give it:



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