Tonight Show Highlights

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon debuted last night. Overall it was very entertaining, and deserves to be watched in its entirety rather than cut up into highlights.

Being me, however, I have to add my two cents on a couple of things:

I’m not a fan of the Tonight Show’s opening, which was directed by Spike Lee. It feels very chaotic to me.

I like the set, but I’m not crazy about how The Roots have been re-organized. They’re too spread out and individual members don’t stand out like they used to.

The “Jimmy’s $100 Tonight Show Bet” bit was awesome. If you only watch one thing, this would be it.

Will Smith was a charismatic and talented as ever.

I would have enjoyed U2‘s performance a lot more if there had been a lot less fancy camera work. The band is way too good for that.

I give it:


– Woody

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