Arsenio Hall Show Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Arsenio Hall Show:

I just want to let you know ahead of time – I bought all of tonight’s jokes at Oprah’s yard sale.

Jay-Z is releasing his new fragrance “Gold” at Barneys on November 20th. And about a week ler he plans on releasing the fragrance in stores that black people can actually go shop in.

Scientists at Oxford University have found that women with large butts tend to be healthier and more intelligent. Now, when women ask, “Does my butt look big in these jeans?” you can say, “Baby, those jeans make you look smart. Now why don’t you back that IQ up!”

There were no comedy segment bits.

Julie Chen, Sheryl Underwood, Aisha Tyler, Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osbourne were the first couch guests. Together they co-host the show The Talk. The interview was good. In fact, it was the best segment I’ve seen so far on the Arsenio Hall Show. Unfortunately, Arsenio didn’t really have much to do with making it so entertaining. The women were in control from the beginning and would have been as much fun with or without him there. Here’s most of the craziness:

Michelle Trachtenberg was the second couch guest. She is in television Movie Killing Kennedy. The interview was fine. Michelle was pleasant and had interesting stories. Honestly, however, after watching all the lunacy from the first interview, this one was boring by comparison. I think it would have just been better to have the ladies from The Talk as the only guests on the show.

George Wallace was the stand-up guest. He was amusing:

A decent show. It might actually be getting better. I give it:


– Woody

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