Tonight Show Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

According to Pew Research immigration is on the rise in this country. As you know, immigrants come here to do the jobs Americans don’t want to do, you know, like running the government.

Miley was on The Today Show this morning where she performed. And apparently a couple of drunken fans had to be taken out after they caused quite a stir. The good news is the two women were able to pull it together enough to host the fourth hour of The Today Show later that day.

Several national retailers including Walmart have pulled the Halloween costume of Osama Bin Laden off the shelves after they got a lot of complaints about it. The costume featured a long beard, a turban and camouflage fatigues. Why pull it off the shelves? Get rid of the turban and call it a Duck Dynasty costume. Who’s gonna know?

The comedy segment bit was Headlines. There were quite a few funny ones this time:

Drew Barrymore was the first couch guest. She is an actress who introduced a cosmetics line earlier this year. The interview was good. Drew exuded nothing but joy and positiveness the entire segment. It’s great that she’s so happy and doing well. It also got a little tiring after a while, which is why I’m only posting a clip instead of the entire interview. What can I say, I’m a glass half empty kinda dude.

D.L. Hughley was the second couch guest. He co-hosts the upcoming show Trust Me, I’m a Game Show Host. The interview was ok. D.L. basically spent his time doing bits of his stand-up routine sitting down. He’s a funny comedian, sure, but he’s also an intelligent person, and I would have preferred to hear his thoughts on world events instead of jokes. This was a wasted opportunity in my opinion.

The Avett Brothers was the musical guest. They gave a nice performance.

Fine show. I give it:


– Woody

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