Late Show Highlights

As always, let’s start with DaveIn6: (Vines run muted by default, mouse over the video and click the icon in the upper-left corner for sound.

The Late Show with David Letterman did an amusing cold open to start the show:

Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

The New York City Opera is bankrupt. Is that why you’re all here, cause the Opera is closed? But whenever there’s trouble there’s always a silver lining. Go swing by the New York City Opera on your way home – 75% off Viking helmets.

People are saying now that, before the government shut down, Congressmen went out and got drunk. Went out and got drunk celebrating that they shut down the government. I tell you what, ladies and gentlemen, this is the kinda thing that could damage their 10% approval rating.

They have what they call now the “Obamacare.” And when you sign up for the Obamacare you get different programs. You get the Bronze program, you get the Silver program, you get the Gold program or the Platinum. Now people say to me, “Dave, what is the difference?” Here’s all I know: if you sign up for the Platinum you actually get to drive the ambulance.

The comedy segment bits included the Top Ten Thoughts Going Through Justin Beiber’s Bodyguard’s Minds At This Moment. I wish the video included Dave’s discussion of the backstory. Apparently, when Justin Bieber visited The Great Wall in China recently, his bodyguards had to carry him up the steps on their shoulders:

Kerry Washington was the first couch guest. She stars on the show Scandal. The interview was great. Kerry was outgoing, tough, had a wonderful sense of humor and told some interesting stories. I used “tough” because she corrected Dave twice, which very very few guests have the guts to do even once. She radiated so much positive energy that I’m sure it was easy for Dave to overlook anything else. Their banter was really enjoyable to watch. Here’s the interview:

Ariel Tweto was the second couch guest. She was one of the stars on the show Flying Wild Alaska. The interview was fine. Ariel was pleasant and energetic. I’ve seen Ariel on The Late Late Show before and wasn’t impressed by her. She didn’t “wow” me here either. Ariel and Dave are about as different as two people can get, so I did appreciate Dave having her on and attempting to find common ground. Still, there was very little entertainment value in the segment.

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band was the musical guest. It was…artistic. Yeah, let’s go with that:

Good show. I give it:


– Woody

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